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Put simply the Pet Health Club is a FANTASTIC VALUE-FOR-MONEY 

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It covers all the things you'd expect - health checks, vaccinations, flea and worm treatment, plus a raft of other benefits including discounts on neutering, dentistry, food, pet shop sales and more.


Starting at £7.80 a month for rabbits we know that it's the most affordable scheme for miles around saving owners up to 50% of the normal cost. So it's a win win for everyone!


For more information download a leaflet and application form or visit our website: www.thepethealthclub.co.uk


Pet Health Club

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We had a beautiful little Cavalier King Charles Spaniel come into us after being rehomed into her forever home. After some investigations with us, her new owners were shocked to find out that she had heart failure, which requires long term medication in order to control and maintain her quality of life. The owners have joined our Pet Health Club, and now save nearly £10 every month on her medication. Meaning that her new owners have a little less to worry about! They have also booked in for her to be speyed and have her teeth cleaned, and because they are part of the Pet Health Club, they are saving a further £28!

One of our labrador patients has recently been diagnosed as diabetic. He is a big boy and needs a large quantity of insulin in order to maintain his condition and keep him living happily. This would have huge financial consequences for the owner, however because she was part of our Pet Health Club, she saves a whopping £27.47 every month, and as he was already microchipped she got her first bag of Diabetic food for free! This allowed this beautiful dog to be treated quickly and his owner to walk out of the surgery happily!

A bouncy black labrador has had problems with his skin from a young age. In order to get on top of the problem and keep him in tip top condition, he requires tablets every day! This would have put his owner out of pocket, however because his owner had joined the Pet Health Club, he can now enjoy an extra £69 every month as well as benefit from the numerous other offers joining our Pet Health Club has to offer. On his last visit he also took away his flea and worm treatment and saved a gigantic £115!! This made him very happy and much more relaxed about caring for his buddy!

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